What is the Cost of a Twin Mattress and a Box Spring

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Twin mattress dimensions are mostly 39 inches in breadth and 75 inches in length. A box spring would typically match the dimensions of a twin mattress and provide for solid support.

While some box springs contain actual springs the latest ones a spring free and made of metal or wood. Box springs are mostly used to act as a foundation, source of ventilation and a shock absorber for springy mattresses. Box springs augment the features of a mattress and also prolong its lifespan.


Cost of a twin box spring

How much should you pay for a box spring? The cost of a twin size box spring starts at under $100 and goes up to around $250.

What is Cost of Twin Mattress and a Box Spring1

Twin Mattress Under $100

Twin box springs under $100 made of metal are available that offer foundational support. Sets up tools are included in these packs and they can be conveniently packed for easy mobility. Priage is one such brand that offers a 9-inch box spring.

Zinus offers a 14-inch box spring structure with a steel and wooden slat system to offer support and prolong the life of a mattress. It also has an 8-inch and 4-inch wooden box spring.

They’re both easy to assemble and come with a warranty. Zinus also has a 4-inch steel slat box spring that is perfect for thicker mattresses. Check it here>

Twin Mattress costing $100 to $200

This price range has box springs that vary in thickness from 4 inches to 9 inches. Box spring foundations that are 4 inches in depth are mostly made of steel and are easy to assemble. Some twin varieties are foldable that allows for convenient mobility.

Among the 7-inch types, some have wooden slats that can be easily assembled at home. Some 8-inch box springs are made of steel, offering durability and support. As they are thicker in depth, some offer foldable box springs that can also be used with a foldable mattress.

Companies with twin box springs in this range are Priage, Spinal solutions, Crown comfort, Wolf and Zinus. These mattresses can be purchases online with many sales or can be purchased from the storefront.

If a bunk bed support system is needed, you can buy a twin size bunkie board, within this price range. These foundations are 2 inches high slats arrangements wrapped in cloth and are meant to prolong the life of a mattress.


Twin Mattresses costing $200 – $250

Most twin box springs in this category are known to be more sturdy and durable, made of steel or good quality wood. Most products in this range offer split box spring foundations that can be moved around easily. Companies that offer products in this range are Tempur-Pedic, Continental Sleep and Casper Sleep.


Cost of twin mattress box spring sets

A box spring of durable quality is usually priced around $150 or even less. The ones above $200 are usually split box springs that may offer other features such as being hypoallergenic and made of organic materials. The total price may increase due to shipping and transportation costs.

Most products above $200 are usually a twin mattress box spring set. Some companies insist on buying a box spring along with the mattress for warranties to be valid. Another offer, a set included within a set price that may fall cheaper.

Twin mattress box spring sets costing $200 – $250

Sets in this range offer 6 to 8 inches memory foam mattresses along with box springs with a matching non-skid fabric. Others in this range offer waterproof orthopedic mattresses made of vinyl covers.

These sets are ideal for people with back pains and other health problems. Companies like Best mattresses, Spinal Solutions and Continental Sleep offer sets within this range.


Twin mattress box spring sets costing $250 – $500

Within this range are thicker orthopedic innerspring mattresses with pillow tops for cushioning support. These versions offer a thicker box spring as well to make it easier for people with knee problems.

Besides being thicker, sets in this higher range have fully assembled box springs. They also offer fancier fabric options for the mattress and box spring as a set.

Others in this range offer foldable box springs made from resilient metal and with firm edge support. The mattresses in these sets could have a combination of latex or gel memory foam with memory foam. Higher ends have patented designs that generally cost more.

Companies in this category offering twin sets are Spinal Solutions, Continental Sleep, Comfort bedding, Restonic, Dream Solutions, Spring Coil. Twin mattress and Box spring sets of Zinus and Best Price Mattresses seem to be more popular among customers.


Buying a box spring could not only offer support but also prolong the life of your mattress. In fact, with a good box spring, you could have a simple foam mattress and a memory foam or latex topper to lower the total cost of your bed.

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