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Best Antifungal Dog Shampoos Brands & How They Can Help

Just like human hair, the hair on dogs also gets dirty and needs to be washed regularly, although not as frequently as we clean our hair.

Humans and dogs have very different conditions to maintain the right skin condition. Therefore, you need special formulations that suit your dog’s skin.

Dog shampoos are generally organic in nature since their skin is really sensitive to synthetic chemicals, dye and parabens. Soothing ingredients like aloe vera are often present in these shampoos.

Dog shampoo can be broadly classified into two types- spray and standard. The spray shampoo needs to be left sprayed on, left in and then wiped off.

The standard shampoo needs to be added during bathing like a normal human shampoo.

Why do dogs get fungal infections?

When we look at the causes of fungal infections, you will be amazed to see the number of sources that these infections can come from.

If your dog has not contracted any yet, you should consider yourself a good pet owner. Let us look at some of the common fungal infections that happen to dogs.

Nasal Aspergillosis

Caused by Aspergillus fumigates, this infection usually occurs in the nasal cavity or even in the paranasal sinuses. This is a common disease for dogs, especially in Collie and Greyhound breeds. You can identify this condition when your dog has nasal pain, bleeding through its nose, sneezes, and ulceration around its nostrils.

Disseminated Aspergillosis

This is usually caused by aspergillus tereus and it develops over a period of several months. It causes poor appetite, weight loss, fever, muscle wasting, weakness, vomiting, lethargy and inflammation in the eye. Very few dogs have made it through the disease alive. This disease is most common in German Shepherds.


This is a fungal disease which affects a small area at a time, unlike other diseases that affect the whole body. It is caused, generally, by Candida albicans.

Though it is a very rare condition, it is dangerous. Symptoms include weakness, diarrhoea and skin lesions.

Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever)

This disease, commonly known as ‘Valley Fever’, is caused by Coccidioides immitis. This generally caused in the dry regions of the United States.

Though some dogs are fit enough to fight the infection on their own, other dogs may develop chronic respiratory symptoms. Treatment takes about 6 to 12 months.


This particular brand of disease is caused by Cryptococcus neoformans and causes weight loss, lethargy, head tilt and back and forth eye movements.

Pets require a long treatment period for this disease and even surgery, in severe cases.


This rare fungal infection is caused by Geotrichum candidum, which is present in dead and decaying soil matter.

Symptoms include coughing, poor appetite, fever, excessive water intake, vomiting, jaundice and breathing difficulties. There is no standard treatment for this disease.

Other diseases include Histoplasmosis, Mycetomas, North American Blastomycosis, Phaeohyphomycosis, Pythiosis and Rhinosporidiosis.


How can dog shampoos help in fungal infections?

Shampoos can attack either the symptoms of the fungal infection or the infection causing fungus. There are special formulations for each kind of treatment.

You should consult your vet for the correct shampoo and the right dose to administer since these shampoos contain some key chemicals that are potent against one disease for a certain dosage.

Popular antifungal dog shampoos

Best Antifungal Dog Shampoos Brands

Here some of the most popular shampoos that tackle fungal infections in dogs. Consult your doctor before using these on your pets.

Vet Solutions Universal Medicated Shampoo

This particular shampoo can be used for both cats and dogs. It is a potent formula that kills bacteria and fungus. It provides keratolytic activity for your dog. All this is possible due to the sulphur content in the mixture.

You do not need anything apart from this shampoo to cure your dog of these infections. It can be prescribed for regular use since the shampoo is very gentle.

Bayer Malaseb Pet Shampoo

marketed by Bayer in their Malaseb line of products, this shampoo is fragrance-free to neutralize malodours. It has proved effective against bacteria, yeast and fungus infections.

The shampoo has proved useful in fighting against dandruff, yeast, ringworms and other infections.

After you shampoo your dog with this product, the coat will look shiny, non-greasy and thick.

This is due to the effective conditioners present in the shampoo.

SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Medicated Shampoo for Dogs

SynergyLabs is one the leading producers in the pet care industry.

This medicated shampoo is good for regular use also. It has the ingredients for fighting against seborrhoea, fungal infections, bacterial infections, mange and parasitic infections.

It contains coal tar, micronized sulphur and salicylic acid. It prevents the formation of greasy hair, skin rashes and inflamed scalp tissue.

SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Spray 

This is another effective product from the research labs of SynergyLabs.

This is a spray-on type shampoo can that be sprayed onto your dog’s coat where it acts and then removed using a towel. The shampoo contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Aloe Vera and Lanolin.

It heals and soothes the scalp of your dog. Not only that. It also deodorizes your dog so that it smells fresh and clean. It relieves your dog of any fungal or bacterial infections.

It is also a useful shampoo against dermatitis and pryoderma. This shampoo is specially prescribed for those dogs that have a sensitive skin.

Zymox Enzymatic Rinse

This shampoo is a very gentle formula. It soothes the dog’s skin. But it is also very harsh on bacteria and fungus that cause infections on the dog’s skin. It completely destroys these bacteria and fungi.

The shampoo, if ingested, does not cause any damage, unlike other shampoos in the market.

It can be used on any breed, size or age of dogs. The enzymes in this shampoo are derived from natural milk and are potent against infections. It does not contain harsh detergents, colourings, pesticides or residues.

Sebolux Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

This shampoo works on all kinds of bacterial, fungal and other kinds of infections. It is an antiseptic and keratolytic shampoo. Use this shampoo to remove scales and crusts from your dog’s skin.

After shampooing your dog with this shampoo, you will notice that the skin is soft, the fur is lustrous.

Pro-Sense Antibacterial Shampoo

This shampoo contains many natural ingredients like water, glycolic acid, lauramine oxide and so on.

Not only does the shampoo keep your pet clean but it also provides relief from bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. Bid goodbye to infections, dry and flaky skin, and greasy coats. Use this shampoo regularly for best results.

Precautions to be taken

Pet owners should always consult a vet before buying shampoos, especially medicated ones for their pet.

Pet owners often treat the symptoms rather than the disease, so it’s essential that you understand the root cause of any symptom before you buy a treatment solution.

When you decide on buy products off the shelf, without consulting an expert, there are a number of things that you should be careful about. Let us look at some of these points.

  • Human shampoos are not suitable for dogs, hence they should not be bought for their use
  • Always try to consult your vet for any problems regarding your pet
  • Some compounds in shampoos might react with your hands as well, so take the needed precautions
  • Shampoos that contain alcohol, like spray shampoos, are not advisable for pets since they cause cancer.
  • Shampoos that solve one disease may cause another, so always keep on a lookout
  • Be aware of the compounds that your dog is allergic too and make sure that they are not present in the shampoo.
  • Natural and organic shampoos are the safest and they should be used as much as possible
  • Make sure that your dog does not ingest the shampoo when he in the bath


The first step to a solution against fungal infections is identifying the underlying cause.

A vet is the best person to understand the case. After that is done, you can get a prescription for the required shampoos and medicines that the dog needs for the particular case.

Shampoos for fungal infections can be bought from a number of suppliers including Vet’s best, Vet’s Solutions, SynergyLabs, Zymox, Sebolux, Pro-Sense and Bayer.

Please make a note of the allergies that your dog has so that all the products are compatible with your dog.

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