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Best Dog Conditioner Brands Today and How They Work?

Dog conditioners are special formulations that are used for dogs.

Using human products on dogs can lead to skin allergies and irritations, so there is a need for special dog products.  These formulations work on the fur of the dog in various ways.

It can smoothen the fur and/or make it shine. It can also add volume to the dog’s fur so that the coat looks more wholesome. Some conditioners even relieve itchiness and soothe the skin.

Conditioners also help to remove tangles and mats in the dog’s fur so that you can comb through easily.

Unlike in the choice of shampoo, when choosing a conditioner, your dog’s skin type does not matter much since conditioners do not affect the oil balance of the skin.

You generally have two choose between two types of conditioners- spray or bottles conditioner.

Spray conditioners– These conditioners are used immediately after your dog has a bath, while the coat is still damp. You do not have to wash out these conditioners.

Just spray it onto the fur and comb through to remove tangles and knots. These conditioners often use the help of alcohol, to make a spray formulation, which may cause allergies on your dog’s skin.

Bottled conditioners– These conditioners are like standard human conditioners. Like human conditioners, they need to be applied after shampooing and should be rinsed out.

It moisturizes the fur and removes tangles. Since these are leave-in conditioners, you need to ensure that these also do not have compounds that react with the dog’s fur and skin.

This approach simplifies the choice between conditioners in the market since there are numerous brands in the market.

You can also match your conditioner to the shampoo that you use, the same approach that we use for human shampoos and conditioners.

Sometimes shampoos are mixed with conditioners, forming a conditioning shampoo, which does the work of two products and saves you money.

Why use a Dog conditioner ?

Dog conditioners are used to keep your dog fur hydrated, glossy and free of tangles.

Many times the conditioner is combined with the shampoo, which makes it easier for dog groomers since they have to reduce one step in the cleaning process.

If your dog has a greasy fur, then you should avoid conditioners since they add more moisture to the coat. In case your dog has a dry coat, then you need to use a crème rinse conditioner.

These conditioners are thicker than the normal ones and provide an extra moisturising effect. You can also spray some conditioner to moisturize more.

If you want to avoid bathing your dog frequently, you can use a conditioner instead. It will help to mask the smell coming from them.

You should also understand that the use of a conditioner can be generalized according to the type of fur coat on your dog.

Conditioners are used on dogs that have medium to long coats. Dogs that are wire-haired do not require conditioners. Moreover, dogs with short hair or a hard and smooth coat, do not require any kind of conditioner.

Popular dog conditioners in the market

Best Dog Conditioner Brands

Some popular brands of dog conditioners are:

1. Earthbath All Natural Creme Rinse and Conditioner

As the name suggests, this conditioner is made from natural products. In fact, the conditioner is bio-degradable so it does not impact the environment immensely like most grooming products.

This is a soap-free conditioner which will suit dogs that are allergic to soaps and detergents. This product needs to be applied like a normal human conditioner, applied and rinsed.

It is heavily scented so do not use too much of it or you will overwhelm your dog’s senses. The conditioner is safe to use since it is gentle on the dog and effectively smoothens the fur.

2. The Stuff Conditioner & Detangler

This is a unique conditioner that is not only non-toxic but also hypoallergenic. The special formula can be left in so that it works well on the hair.

It has a special conditioner and dematting formula that will work wonders for your dog. This special conditioner protects your dog coat and keeps the coat from tangling.

These properties are inside the conditioner due to silicon, which the main compound in the product. Silicon actively repels dirt, urine and dust from the dog’s coat so that the fur remains cleaner for longer.

3. Lambert Kay Fresh’n Clean Oatmeal n Baking Soda Pet Conditioner

This special conditioner is marketed in the Fresh ‘n Clean line of products from Lambert Kay.

It has everyday compounds in it, like oatmeal and baking soda, which are reported to be very effective conditioning agents. After using this shampoo, your dog’s coat will not only look beautiful but also feel so.

The fur will shimmer and smell pleasant. This conditioner will eliminate any tangles or mats in your dog’s fur. The conditioner also has aloe which has a very soothing effect on the dog’s skin.

4. Vet’s Best Moisture Mint Conditioner

This conditioner is specially formulated for dogs, unlike some conditioners which can be used for cats and dogs. You need to spray it onto your dog’s fur coat and leave it in.

The spray will automatically rejuvenate your dog’s hair and skin. This will result in lustrous and shimmering hair. It also adds body to the hair, so that your dog does not look skinny.

It also removes flakes of dandruff, as well as soothes itchy, dry skin. All these effects can be attributed to the natural components of the conditioner which are both healing and moisturizing.

5. DeShedding Conditioner

The shampoo is manufactured by Furminator. This is not a general purpose conditioner. It is formulated specially to reduce cases of excessive shedding in dogs.

This needs to be applied like a normal human conditioner, and rinsed off. Its unique properties are due to a number of natural ingredients into the mixture used for conditioning.

The manufacturer promises that there are no dyes or parabens in the conditioner.

These are chemicals that often react with the dog’s skin and may cause a number of allergies. The product is made in te United States of America.

6. ResiCORT Leave-On Conditioner

This is a conditioner that can be left on the fur so that it performs its moisturizing action and actively protects the dogs fur against germs, dust and allergens.

The special conditioning formula contains 1% of the compound hydrocortisone. Sometimes cortisone reacts with the skin of some dogs, so you should ensure that your dog is not allergic to hydrocortisone before using it.

The conditioner also relieves inflammation and itchiness of the skin. It also has anti-puritic properties.

7. Tropiclean Kiwi Pet Conditioner

This conditioner is 100% natural which means that is made completely with natural products.

70% f the formula is organic. Organic and natural products ensure that your dog is safe from allergens and harsh chemicals which may have a negative effect on the dog’s skin and fur.

The conditioner does not have soap or detergent since they are another cause of allergens. Tropiclean has gone one step ahead in its clean mission and also ensures that the packaging for the product is also green.

Precautions while buying and using dog conditioners

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Some spray conditioners have alcohol which is harsh for your dog’s skin. So avoid these conditioners.
  • Check the contents of your dog’s shampoo to see if there are any harsh ingredients that do not suit your dog.
  • Ensure that your conditioner is tearless.
  • While conditioning, keep the conditioner away from the dog’s ears, even when the product is tearless.
  • Avoid heavily scented products because the chemicals that make the scent cause a number of allergies and the smell may be suffocating to dogs since their sense of smell is much greater than human’s.


Even though choosing a conditioner is not as tricky as choosing a shampoo, there are some details that you should take care of. We recommend that you consult your vet first.

In case you want to choose a conditioner on your own, aim for the conditioner that goes with the shampoo you use.

Sometimes conditioners and shampoos are mixed to form a shampooing conditioner, which may save you the cost of another bottle of dog-care products.

Check the labels for any harsh chemicals or allergens that may affect your dog. Ensure that your dog really needs a conditioner before proceeding to buy one.

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