10 Popular Window Tint Brands Today

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Quick Answer: 10 Popular Window Tint Brands

These 10 popular window tint brands are the top choices for window tints today. From big brands like SunTek, 3M, and Solar Gard to smaller brands like MotoShield, LEXEN, and VViViD, you have a lot of different choices available to you. Some, like Gila, cater to the DIY market, whereas others are available in shops around the country.

When you are looking for window tints for your car you will come across a wide array of brands all vying for your custom.

Unlike common products that we all know the top brands for, you might not know about the big players in window tint film.

Also, there are window tint laws based on state laws that vary based on window tints, so that is another reason to know what tint you are using.

This guide will take you through the 10 most popular window tint brands and everything you need to know about them.

Popular Window Tint Brands

The following popular window tint brands are in no particular order.

1. SunTek

SunTek is a window tint film brand owned by Eastman, a global specialty materials company based in Kingsport, Tennessee.

SunTek boasts a wide range of window tint films, trading on the fact that they offer any type of film that you need.

Product lines include CeramicIR, CXP & Carbon, Metal-Dyed, Dyed Charcoal, Mirror InfinityOP, and Clear CoolSight. No matter what kind of tint you are looking for, SunTek probably makes it.

2. MotoShield Pro

MotoShield Pro is a small brand working out of Los Angeles, California.

They provide a narrow range of nanoceramic window tints that you can order online. They cater to motorsport enthusiasts who are likely to fit their own window tints and need them to stand up to tough environments.

MotoShield Pro offers pre-cut, uncut, and professional rolls of nanoceramic window tints. They offer a 3-year warranty.

3. 3M

3M is a Fortune 500 company with a huge array of products, including window tint film. The company was founded in 1902 in Northern Minnesota.

They trade on innovation, especially with their Crystalline series. It is difficult to find any other crystalline window tints in the US because 3M have the market cornered.

3M also offers Black Chrome, Ceramic IR, ColorStable, FX HP, and Obsidian Series product lines.


LEXEN is a predominantly online-based window tint film manufacturer based in Elliot City, Maryland.

It provides affordable window tint film across the United States, available to order online as rolls or as part of pre-cut tint kits.

They offer a narrow range of carbon and ceramic window tint films at a more affordable price point than most of its competitors. It also offers pre-cutting services and serves as a commercial distributor across the country.

5. Gila

Gila is another window tint brand owned by Eastman, a global specialty materials company based in Kingsport, Tennessee.

They are Eastman’s DIY-tinting brand, concentrating on the DIY market.

Gila offers a range of five product lines for its automotive window films. They have Basic window tint, Heat Shield and Heat Shield Plus, Static Cling and Static Cling Plus, and Xtreme Limo Black.

6. VViViD

VViViD is primarily an automotive vinyl manufacturer based in Montreal, Canada. It is a relatively young company.

Its USP, perhaps given away by the name, is the variety of vivid colors that their window tints are available in. The colored tints they have available are unique in tone.

The company makes a range of colored tint films, as well as some nano-optic and nanoceramic films in standard shades.

7. Solar Gard

Solar Gard is the glass arm of Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of construction materials, established in Paris roughly 350 years ago.

Today, Solar Gard is a global brand.

They trade on patented technologies and professional services, trusting in their established brand name.

The company offers a wide range of products, from affordable dyed window tint films, metalized films, and high-end ceramic tint films.


XPEL is an automotive film company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and established in 1997. It is now a global brand with offices all over the world.

They concentrate on premium window tint films, though they do offer budget-friendly films too.
XPEL’s product lines include Prime CS, Prime HP, Prime XR, and Prime XR Plus, encompassing all window film types from dyed and hybrid to nanoceramic.

9. Madico

Established in Boston, Massachusetts in 1903, Madico is a US-based global manufacturer of window films and specialty materials.

The company concentrates on customer service and ease of use, providing high-quality films that are easy to apply and maintain.

Madico produces a wide range of window films, ranging from basic dyed films to modern nanoceramic films. Their product lines include Black Pearl, Charcoal, Charcool, GP Max, Onyx, Shadow, and Wincos.

10. Llumar

Llumar is another window tint brand owned by Eastman, a global specialty materials company based in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Like SunTek, they offer a wide range of window tints. However, they concentrate more on style and comfort than their sister brand, which concentrates more on premium technologies.

Llumar offers dyed, metalized, and ceramic tints in the full range of shades, including clear films that do not darken the windows at all but still provide the protective benefits of tints.


We hope this guide has helped you gain a better understanding of the window tint industry and its biggest brands. Now that you know who the big players are, you can make a more informed decision when buying window tints for your car.

If you have any questions or comments about this guide or window tint brands in general, please feel free to leave them in the section below.

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